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Potential Clients

We can take instructions from any private individual, landlord, property management company, letting agent, business owner, voluntary or charitable organisations / associations, insurance broker, and professional entity. It is vital to engage independent representation at the earliest opportunity. Remember to contact us to protect your interest.

If you are a home owner or have an investment property and you suffer damage let us assist by processing the claim for buildings, contents, alternative accommodation or rental income quickly.
If you manage individual properties or apartment blocks we can provide a complete claims solution for reinstatement works and loss of rent.

If you are a business owner, small or medium sized entity, or large corporation, we can advise you from the moment you suffer a loss. We will assist you to return to business as soon as possible.

Insurer’s general attitude to claims, particularly interpretation of policy wording and terms and conditions, has hardened significantly. Insurers pay loss adjusters to handle claims on their behalf. It is now more imperative than ever that the client/ policy holder has independent representation for the consumer in the contract.

We similarly are aware from experience that a client contacts you in desperation when a loss occurs. We would like to help you to assist them. Teamwork between fellow professionals can achieve the best result for your client.

Attention all plumbers, heating contractors, roofers, locksmiths, emergency repair crews, remediation specialists and builders. When you receive that emergency call out, or your client has suffered damage or loss and does not know where to turn next, you are usually asked for assistance and advice.

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